Following we present questions we got asked in the past. We hope the answers are helpfull. In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What to do, when it is raining?

By far the most asked question. In Ireland you can experience four seasons a day. Wearing sandals and woollen jumpers, wellies and tank tops is not a rediculous look, you will need this kind of gear (therefore we provide a selection of rubber boots for you). It is to be recommended always to have a soft shell rain jacket with you. 


We arranged Railway Cottage as homely as possible. We have two fire places to create a cozy cottage atmosphere, but we also offer certain kinds of consumer electronics such as an XBoxOneS, high speed internet or Netflix on TV. Also you will find a large selection of old fashioned games. Please do not feel called upon starting to re-decorate or re-arrange the furniture in the Cottage. We had guests who did that for whatever reason and they left irreparabel marks on floor and walls we all don't want. Sad but true, but after certain experiences we will charge for damages.


What we do personally? We play "It's raining again" from Supertramp, put the kettle on and make us a cup of tea...and have an Irish Whiskey.


Are the bedlinens allergy free?

All of our linen and sheeds are made of highest quality mercerized 100% Makko cotton. The filling of the pillows and the duvet is a synthetic allergy free fibre made of Polyester. We don't have fillings of any kind of feathers or downs in use, neither horse hair canvas on the mattress. On top of the spring core mattresses we placed a natural latex cover and a soft and warming coverlet. Just in case it is colder than expected we provide an additional woollen counterpane in the master bedroom, and a microfibre blanket in the double bed room as well as in the single bedroom.


Are pets allowed in the Cottage?

Bringing pets of any kind is not allowed.


Also we will advise to not feed stray animals such as cats and dogs, as well as birds. You can feed the birds like the seagulls...but do not say later, we did not warn you.


It may happen that the sheep of the neighbour find the green gras in the garden irresistible. The animals are very nosy, but also very shy and they panic easily. Please give them some time, they will find their way back to their own pasture by themselves.


In the forrest of Curra Mountain live the so-called "ferel goast", wild living goats. You smell them before you see them. The male goat is very impressive and he looks friendly...but he is not. Again: Do not say later, we did not warn you.


Is there internet access in the Railway Cottage?

Yes, we do provide high speed internet, via glass fibre, with free Wi-Fi in all rooms and the outdoor bbq area.


How far is the next village/city?

Glenbeigh is the next village, which is about three minutes drive and about 15 minutes walk through a fairy tale forrest from Railway Cottage. In Glenbeigh there are certain pubs, like the Towers, Ashes sports bar and Sheahan`s Supermarket with a well sorted butchery and freshly made pizza for take-away.


Killorglin is about 12 minutes drive with many great restaurants and grocery stores like Aldi or Supervalue.


Cahersiveen, on the other direction of the Ring of Kerry, is about 20 minutes drive along a very scenic road. We recommend the Oratory, a pizzeria in a church. Also you find certain pubs, restaurants and grocery stores such as a Super Value.


Killarney is about 40 minutes drive with a bunch of restaurants, pubs, grocery stores, cinemas and theaters.


Are there any additional costs?

No, there are no additional costs as for heating, electricity, water, internet, waste disposal and final clean-up. Please find more information on the booking platform.


Is there an ATM nearby?

Yes, at Sheahan`s in Glenbeigh, inside the local grocery store, is the closest ATM. A number of ATM's are in Killorglin or in Cahersiveen. On every ATM you can draw cash with an international debit or credit card. During drawing process, you will get informed about additional charges and fees.


Is there anything we should bring from home?

No, everything needed you will find in the Cottage. For example, we do provide towels and shower gel, also detergent for washing or tabs for the dishwasher.


We advise to bring your own home slippers, slides or clogs. There is a slate floor in the kitchen, wooden floor in every room and a wooden steep staircase. From experience, we do find slippers with a rubber sole best, esp. for the staircase.


Read more about coffee, power plugs and towels next.


What about coffee?

In the kitchen of Railway Cottage we provide a coffee machine with a filter, and also a water kettle and a Bodum coffee pot to brew grounded coffee. We don't have a coffee grinder. You will have a selection of certain coffee blends in the local grocery stores. But, we find coffee very expensive in Ireland and often the flavours are not our taste. It is up to you, but we do bring our own milled coffee from home.


Do we need certain power plugs?

We do provide a number of continental power plugs. Just in case, bring your own adapters from your country.


What about towels?

At Railway Cottage we provide a face towel and a large bath towel for each guest. In case you need an additional towel, please don't hesitate to ask our trustee.


Is there anything for us to do at the Cottage?

No, we want you to relax and enjoy your holidays. In case you like gardening, we will ask you to water the two cypresses in the entrance if needed.


What are typical souvenirs from the area?

There is a number of souvenirs you can buy from manufacturers and artists you will find in our category "Visit". Just to name some are chocolate from Skellig''s Chocolate, amazing ceramic sculptures from Darren Francis Cassidy who is a friend of ours, the best quality woolen jumpers, caps and shawls made by Kerry Woolen Mills in Beaufort or hand crafted walking sticks from James McCaffreys in Killorglin.


In case you like antiques, you certainly should visit Mary at Upper Bridge Street in Killorglin. She is a treasure! Some of the antiques in the Cottage are from her shop.


When travelling to Dingle, you certainly should see Dingle Crystal, where you get a special discount as guest of Railway Cottage. Check out their website for visiting the studio.


An unforgettable experience is the tour at Clonakilty Distillery in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. Have a lesson at the Gin School there!


In case, they all do international shipping. Please ask individually for tax refunds, when travelling back to the US.


Does an Irish seafood chowder taste like fish?

Yes, that was a serious question from a guest and yes, the Irish seafood chowder does taste like fish. Simple reason: because there is a selection of fish, such as salmon, cod, and bass, in it. A good soup also contains mussels, scallops, prawns and crab meat. You get the best seafood chowder at Towers in Glenbeigh at lunchtime...and yes, the questioning lady did like it very much and asked for the recipe.


What facilities for outdoor activities are nearby?

Very nearby is the Kerry Walk Way, which leads along the property of Railway Cottage. You will experience a wonderful circle hike around Curra Mountain, starting from the Cottage and having a break at Rossbeigh Beach. We recommend to walk up the road first, coming to the beach side of Curra Mountain, you will never forget the 1-Million-Dollar-view of Rossbeigh Beach. This walk will take about 3 hours. Bear in mind to wear hiking shoes or boots, the path has very stony and muddy parts. Also the hike up to Windy Gap and around Seefin Mountain is an unforgettable experience. It will take about 4 hours for the 20 km. We advice to take the mountain tour, not the road tour to Glenbeigh.


Rossbeigh Beach provides all possibilities for horse-riding, surfing, sea fishing, kiting, stand-up paddling and kayaking.


Curra Mountain is famous for it's paragliding.


On Cromane Beach there is Dooks Golfing. More amazing golf courses are in neighboured Killorglin, Killarney or in Cahersiveen. We suggest to visit their websites upfront for renting gear and the rates.


There is an amazing setting for wild water kayaking on the upper Carragh Lake River. On lower Carragh Lake River there are scenic places for trout and salmon fishing. Don't forget to buy the persmission at Sheahan`s in Glenbeigh first, you might get controlled.


There are outstanding climbing possibilities at Gap of Dunloe. We trustworthy recommend to contact Nathan, from Outdoors Ireland, for a guided tour.


In 2020 the Green Way is planed to provide a bike trail along the Ring of Kerry. We had access to the plans and are proud that our Curra Road is included in this project. So you can start right from our red door.


For more information we recommend to go to the visitor center of Reeks District in Killorglin or to check out their website. They will help and show all possibilities and facilities in the area.